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Page's last update January, 2018
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The music of Thomas E Peterson,original music.
Tea & Eye. My current musical combo, playing about in the local area when it makes the schedule.
The Compact Disk that I coe-produced. "Frank Goes To The Zoo" by Tom Peterson and Sarah Metcalf, Copyright 1995.
This is somewhat of a journal though likely not a daily thing.
A real "Blogspot" blog, my first actual participation in blogging.
Day Art is a rare thing for me to participate in. It is done in the outdoors with transitory mediums, thus the elements disintegrate the work in due time. Thus far there is one work.
A Group of photos, to show some of the paintings I have created. These are all oil paintings.
My clothes line makes sound. I am trying to figure out what causes the sound it makes. Look and listen, feedback is wanted.
Just a small collection of things, linked to other things.
A series of photos documenting the progress of bloom.
Some pictures of my garden. This is a little page of photos. I can maybe put more in this page at times when and if the will to share these kinds of things again comes to me.
This is my wildflowers site. It is an inventory of sorts. I have categorized and sorted the a photo record of the plants that live here as I am able to identify them.
This is a thing I wrote about the atomic weapons.
This is a rather large collection of pictures I have taken out on the disc golf course. "Hurl on," dudes & dudetts.
Just a few of my old pictures.
This is another rather large collection of photographs I have taken here where I live. I have made a trial around my property. In this sequence there is a sequence of three times around the trail in different seasons of the year. (The winter sequence will be added when I get around to putting it together)
Another page, where I put some mild poetry, a picture, a little creative writing and maybe a limerick.
Just a page where I wrote down some thoughts. These are thoughts that come from time to time. Ya know, thoughts, they come and go, some good, some bad, most not worth mentioning.
Links to differing types of web pages out there on the net. These are pages that I have found to be useful and/or educational.