On this page I am just sharing. Here is a collection of sites found on the web. They are all of some interest to me for one reason or another. Most is here for the education of anybody who participates. The web has made a great change in our lives by giving availability of information to all. I use the web for news gathering. It is the only source of news I seek out. I control what I want to learn. So here goes. Hopefully this can help someone find something they want. Maybe not.

All of these hyperlinks take you out to a different realm of cyberspace. If you go, do enjoy the trip and see you next time.

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The book Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg PH.D. is found on this site. The book has given me somewhat a gift. I am finally learning to speak my mind in conversation without creating problems. The methods described within are of great benefit to those I love, share time and space with, as well as generally helping with problem solving while engaged in communication. It is difficult to use nonviolent communication, but it took many years to learn to speak English also.

Current Volcanic Activity

This is a site that is strictly related to the eruption of volcanoes. It is a list of those erupting volcanoes around the world. It is not always up to date yet I (being very interested in this natural phenomenon) have found nothing better to date.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A NASA sight that has a new photo daily. The photo is of aerospace technology, deep space and that sort of stuff. The captions are very interesting and informative. I often get lost in it for hours surfing around from link to link.

Earthquakes in the USA

A U.S.G.S. web site for those interested in seeing when and where earthquakes are happening. This is a very up to date site with updates within (so they say) 5 minutes of an earthquake. I look at the CA-NV site nearly every day to see the pattern of earthquake activity in that area. I find it fascinating. Why just the other day I opened it and found that there had been over 1200 earthquakes in that area in less than a week.

The Register

Stay up to date on new technology.

The National Weather Service

The National Weather Service (NOAA). This site can provied all the weather information one could want. It is up to date and has no advertisements.

books on line

An archive of books for your reading pleasure, if like me, reading is found to be difficult, these files can be read to you by your computer, with appropriate software. I think it very convenient.

Aerial Photography

 ** Then there came GoogleEarth
Find your house as seen from space. Technology has come a long way in my life time and I knew it. This put an exclamation point on what I knew. It is really amazing the things done from space. I wish this were real current, and it might be for some parts of the country but not for where I live.
That was then, now there is GoogleEarth, much better.

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