A Work On Peace
Art and webpage created on September 30, 2011.
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The idea of Day Art is likely not unique to me, although I am unaware of anything absolutely like this. The idea came as I sat on the bench with a real hope of capturing a photograph of a bird. I sat on the bench looking at the ground, seeing the various items collected on the surface from a summer, grasses, leaves, soil, thorny twigs, dried up Hawthorn berries, and the early fall leaves. As I observed the various shapes and their complementing colors the idea of creating an image with these naturally occurring things. I could use them as the medium for creation. First I noted the hawthorn berries as something that could easily be utilized to create a form. I began collecting the berries and in doing so I realized that it would be best to collect them in a pile, though there was no clear space to make a pile without mixing the berries with what was already there on the ground. I then picked up the leaves from a small area at the base of the bench, noting the variety of colors in different leaves. These too can easily be used in the creation of an image. Soon I found myself sorting the different colored leaves into stacks of similar color. Then there were the actual broken hawthorn twigs laying around, with their long and thin, sharply pointed spines. After quite some time, maybe an hour, I began clearing a space on the ground to form an image.

The ground itself had many unyielding obstacles, thus I found a fist sized rock with sharp edges to grind and carve the soil's surface. By then I had the idea of creating a simple peace sign. As the image began to take form differing ideas came, some were incorporated as only some of the medium available were used, others were discarded. Eventually the image took shape and I photographed the result knowing that the image will last intact for a short time. Here are the photos.

Phase Next
Hands & Berries
more Hands & Berries
Leaves & Shell = Flower
Leaves & Shell
Male & Female, cones of pine
Shells of North
Viewing Inward
It was fun creating DayArt, A Work On Peace!