Thoughts come to mind that seem important in the moment then the importance seems to diminish over time. Good things happen, bad things happen and other things just go on unnoticed. There is an extremely important ball game happening tonight, there will be winners and there will be losers.

Oh really. What is going to be important about that. Is it going to effect the weather? How about the amount of daylight that hits the earth at any given place? Now those two things are important. The path of the northern or southern jet stream can be important to the living creatures that contact is effects. The path of an intercontinental ballistic missile, with its nuclear payload is important. If one ever flies, life on this big blue marble in space will ever be different, changed beyond what we now know. Yet there is a great chance that this could still happen.

The immense problems created during the cold war still haunt the silos where they have been for the past thirty, forty, fifty years. Their guidance systems are programmed, ready for execution and what is more important there is someone at the trigger at this moment dreadfully waiting to flip that switch. A hateful job it must be, waiting to end the civilization as we know it.

This is a situation that I feel uncomfortable with. I wonder what happened to nuclear arms reduction. The path was set, we were on it, then quit. Is it all politics. Are our politicians as a collective "all that dumb", "all that arrogant", or "all that blind". I really want to know. We don't have to kill each other off to live together, yet that is our threat. That is the plan if we were ever to use those things we would all die or wish we were dead, to the best of my knowledge. As a tax payer in this country I find this use of my tax dollars going toward this nuclear policy unacceptable. I feel like one small voice yelling from a mountain top in some remote corner of the world where no one is listening. Oh hell that is true.

This is an important thought to me right now. It was so frightening growing up a child of the cold war era. We never thought we would still be living in the year 2000. I lived near a large U.S. Airforce base and observed formations of large airplanes going to and fro. These events sparked fear in me. There were air-raid drills talked of in my elementary school. I don't understand how this topic has been swept under the rug so to speak. How do the children perceive the current situation of nuclear weaponry? Do they have any idea that such things are in their future? Tomorrow as new things come to mind this subject will once again slip away and diminish in importance in my moment. Hopefully it shall come up in the places where something can happen that will create a change in this situation. We don't need Nukes in the numbers that they exist (if at all). Can we get this arsenal eliminated?