A dictionary description:

cre·a·tive (krê-â¹tîv) adjective

1.  Having the ability or power to create.
2.  Productive; creating.
3.  Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative: creative writing.

One who displays productive originality: the creatives in the art world.
cre·a·tive·ly adverb cre´a·tiv·i·ty (-î-tê) or cre·a·tive·ness noun

verb, transitive
1.  To cause to exist; bring into being.
2.  To give rise to; produce: That remark created a havoc.
3.  To invest with an office or title; appoint.
4.  To produce through artistic or imaginative effort: create a poem; create a role.

Creativity is a subject of which I have interest. I honor creativity for its existence. And most of all I seak to be creative. I often engage in the creation of music. It is a part of my life, one of my grand passions, and may be the greatest driving force in my life. Creating this, the spew from my brain to present to you is what I find to be fun at the moment but music to me is in another level. Creating music, though difficult at times, is truely something that brings me joy. I feel it in my heart when I write it and again most times when I play it for the first time, well. Wow, it can make shivers of adrenaline run through ones blood, then it is gone, until the next time.
I have played with a variety of mediums of creativity other than music. Oil paint is a gas. To take a brush full of red paint and blast it on the canvas forming the peddle of a flower with a single stroke seems awesomely powerful. I have seldom experienced that powerful feeling of success with paint, bursh and canvas though. Water colors too lets one feel that freedom to create as well as struggle with the flow of damp paper's ability to absorb color, distorting shape and form. It is that state of being that I admire, seak and desire. That is a state of mind that at its best is true self. It is where you meet yourself knowing. That is where one can trust their intuition and just leap as if jumping from stone to stone while crossing a stream. That flight time, knowing that the push was enough to let you land safely upon the next stone. Creativity, the leap, the jump, the flight, the landing, the knowing, the confidence in self.
by: Tom Peterson

To be, is the basis of living.
Living with freedom can be a difficult thing.
Here in the USA we attempt living without a string.
Free to go from under the wing.

I believe our government should be:
Promote the individual here you see.
The letter of law to let good people be,
the way they feel and hope and see.
Promote the space where free can be.

Our government should allow,
safety, hope, and room to grow.
A place where good people can live and know.
Their space in their life can be closed from show.

Living here still brings fear.
Fear of living a fear of fear.
Here we have a built in fear.
The fear of seeing and things we hear.

The challenge we have is in carving our way.
It is to create a life and place to stay.
Our sense of safety along our way.
A home and hope and room to play.
by: Tom Peterson©





Morning in the mountains of North-central Idaho. Here a mood is created that carries one through the day. The mist that settled during darkness will fade into a day of splendor. A day out here is what ever you make it. Climbing to the heights of your choosing, you can let the world lay before you as possibility. The air, scented by the mountains, fills your nose as the day unfolds. Light enters your eyes as images of grandeur. Bold calls from hidden birds, and a faint breezes singing through trees, touch in your ears. Here is the peace that nature provides. Nature, the kind, nature, the brutal, natural, the beauty. Naturally Idaho. ©


This is a place to write. I can sit and watch the words come out on the screen. It's a game, an image, it moves as they spew forth. It is just words coming off my fingertips. I have written little words and long words. Words are meaning, words are showing. Even words of emptiness can be of great expression. But these words are just for writing. Words put into a creative media can hold little meaning and still be valid. They can be empty or full. All is dependant on the chosen meaning or lack there of. I have written nonsense before this. I wrote about the trees of another world. That was a bunch of strong words held together by the glue of license. Writers license. They expressed the imagination of image. Your imagination is the image they invoke. Nothing real came of them but there is a real value in them, for they express thought in a creative way. Words are one of the things that make us human. Could we do without. Writing can only be done with words. These words are just words for your imagination.
by: Tom Peterson ©


There was a nutcase,
he lived in a house.
He got tired of the house,
and gave it to his mouse.
The mouse didn't know,
the man set a trap.
One day he stepped in it,
it hit with a WHAP. ©
I went out to walk at my favorite place in the woods the other day but all I found were stumps. Oh what have they done to this great place where I once stood looking. There was such joy on my face and in my heart then. by: Tom Peterson©

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