Nesting Boxes

Quality is built into every unit. These units are designed and built to endure time out in the weather. That is why they are guaranteed for 5 years against defects in materials and construction. We put quality in our products so they will endure years out in the weather. These nest boxes are constructed of Western Red Cedar. This lumber is a high quality material for this application. We hand craft and inspect each piece of wood prior to construction. All the boxes are fastened with screws, rather than nails or staples, to insure longevity. All screw holes are pre-drilled to reduce splitting. Joints in the wood are made tight to reduce the possibility of precipitation entry into the nest cavity. The roof is angled for water runoff. The front unlatches to open for easy cleaning. We have created two different nest boxes for each species based on where you choose to hang it. One is for hanging on living trees and the other is for hanging on other surfaces. Be sure to specify which application you prefer when ordering.

These nest boxes are crafted with specific bird species in mind. We make each to specifications outlined by Idaho's Department of Fish and Game as well as some experience modifications. The nest cavity size, the cavity depth, the entrance hole size and the entrance hole's orientation are suited to each species of bird that we build nest boxes for Security and the safety of the birds is built into each nest boxes.

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Pygmy Nuthatch
Sitta pygmaea